The 4th Capital

7 juni 2012 - Boekarest, Roemenië

So, after Wien, Bratislava and Budapest, I finally arrived at the fourth capital of my journey: Bucuresti, Romania! So far the stories about Bucuresti have not been great, what I've heard from other travelers, but today and yesterday the weather was beautiful, I met nice people and saw quite a few nice things. For a Capital though, you would expect a lot more. I'm not going to stay here long, I'm leaving again tomorrow, but I haven't yet figured out where I'm going.
The most amazing thing was definately the journey from Sibiu over here to Bucuresti: once again I hitch hiked with Lydia, and we got one ride from start to finish! Also, maybe it was a birthday present from the gods of hitch hiking, we happen to get a ride from a refrigerated truck. So when we stepped out in Bucuresti our backpacks were cold and the can of beer which was still in my pack was perfect drinking temperature!