Belgrade, timisoara, and before...

15 juni 2012 - Belgrade, Servië

Alright, after two days in a very funny hostel in Belgrade, with a lot of fun people, it's finally quiet: my german friends left for Zagreb yesterday morning (then came back in the afternoon since nobody picked them up while hitch hiking, but they took the train in the evening), a very beautiful American girl left this morning, and two other American guys left yesterday evening as well. Only the guy from the hostel (who is here basically 24/7, apart from when he takes the guest out partying at night) and some weird asian looking guy are still here.

this gives me the time to write some stuff, go do a little sightseeing this morning/afternoon, and then maybe find a new party tonight. Or, the more likely scenario: just go to bed early, again, read a book, and hope I'll be a bit less tired for the next couple of days.

So let me start with the last few days: After four days in timisoara, the second larges city in Romania, I was going to go to Serbia. the night before I left, I met two german guys who study in Romania and did a little traveling while waiting for exam results. they where going to Belgrade as well, so we decided to take the train together. the train ride was pretty easy even though the train in Serbia turned out to actually be not a train but a bus. As soon as we where looking for the hostel in Belgrade two random people offered to help us, and I think that immediately showed how greatthe Serbian people are. Nobody was trying to rip us off or anything, they just wanted to show us directions.

then ofcourse the party on the first night here... the guy from the hostel took us out after we had been watching the two football games, and after we lost from Germany. So the guy from the hostel (Nicolaj), the two german guys, the two Americans, the American girl, and me had been drinking beer already during the game, and after some shots of home made Serbian brandy we took a taxi down to the river. On the river there were countless party boats, floating clubs and bars.
I had told the American girl about how I had to carry an other American guy home two weeks ago in Cluj after a good night of drinking, and told her that if it was necessary, I would carry her home as well. Eventhough she assured me it wouldn't be necessary, she still made me prove her wrong. Before everybody wanted to go home, I took her to a taxi, then the taxi driver wanted to rip us off by charging 30 euro's, so we just got out of the taxi and had to walk home. Even though I lost my map, we found our way back untill we ran in to our friends who had already been looking for us. So we ended up comming home together with everybody we had gone out with.

Yesterday, everybody took it easy, so not much to write about.

I haven't written a lot about timisoara though... Unfortunately, I was there from late friday, untill wednesday very early in the morning, so the only party night I had there was on Saturday. But I bet, the city would have been my all time favorite Romanian city if I had done a little more partying there. Now it shares top spot with Cluj, on the list of favorite Romanian cities.
On saturday night, I did meet a nice Romanian girl with whom I'd been dancing, but ofcourse, IJsbrand zou IJsbrand niet zijn, I didn't have my phone with me to write down her name or number, and I haven't heard from her.
Besides partying, timisoara is a beautiful city to walk around in, an incredible amount of public parks (supposedly the city with the most park in Europe or the world, something like that), and a very beautiful city centre (the pictures where here already before this entree).

I was sad to leave Romania at first, since I had the best time there. But, some new countries ahead, meaning many more new adventures ahead. More stories about these adventures and more pictures still to come ofcourse.

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  1. Erika:
    15 juni 2012
    Kijk......dat is nog eens een reisverslag!