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5 juni 2012 - Sibiu, Roemenië

It's been a while since my last real entree, so here's what I've been up to...
The last cities I was in, respectively Cluj Napoca and Sighisoara, where just such great places in which I found some lovely people to travel with me for a while. In Cluj, I met this American guy (who easily fits in the American stereotype: drinking like 6 soda's every diner or about 5 liters of Coca Cola every day), and in Sighisoara I met this girl who asked me to go hitch hiking with her... So I went hitch hiking with this (American) girl yesterday, and we met up with the guy I met in Cluj. Now the three of us are getting along so well, having lots of fun in Sibiu. Lydia and I, Lydia is the girl I went hitch hiking with, had a lot of fun going on this adventure yesterday and after one ride who took us just 5 kilometers out of the city to the middle of nowhere, we were waiting for only 10/15 minutes (in the scorching heat though, because it was a hot day with the sun out bright) until we got a ride from a really nice guy in an air-conditioned VW Passat with leather interiour, just a middle class, romanian family man who actually spoke quite good English.
Before someone starts asking me: hitch hiking is actually a really common means of transportation here in eastern Europe, so I found out, so it's actually not any more dangerous (maybe less dangerous even) then in western Europe. Also, it was just the most exciting thing I did so far, and that says something! 
In sighisoara, I went on this hike up a hill with some other American dude and just before we got to the top plain of the hill he warned me about shepherd dogs he had to fent off the other day by holding up his umbrella, so he suggested I should bring a stick to fent off the huge dogs just in case they would snap at us (because in that case the shepherd  was just standing back looking at it without calling off his dogs). Eventually we didn't get near the sheep, so when the (really, really big) dog approched us, he just barked at us from a couple of meters away.
Since I'm telling all these stories, I might as well also tell y'all (I'm hanging 'round Americans way to much, I hate the accent but I can't help starting to talk like that) about the British blokes I met in Sighisoara (actually, you pronounce it as 'Si-ghi-sjwa-ra). I was so glad to finally find some hilarious people who also had a good influence on my accent in English. The 'mates' where from Essex and their 'country-side' English, which is ofcourse different from the real London accent you often hear, was great to hear after meeting so many Yanks and Aussies (Americans and Australians). Also I met a beautiful Japanese girl with an asshole for a Scandinavian boyfriend, some really cool Canadian guys and the guy who owned the hostel in Sighisoara. He was a really cool Romanian dude who spoke English so well, I first thought he was English.

Details, which makes every story great, are unfortunately way to abundant to write down here, but I am going to start a daily journal to make sure the smaller stories that don't make it to the blog, don't get lost in my memory.
I still owe you a story about trains and transport in Romania, so I'll sty to add that soon as well. Until then:

(In honour of my English friends: )
Cheers mates!

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  1. Tessa:
    5 juni 2012
    Hey Ijs,

    eindelijk je blog gevonden! ;) Leuk om te lezen wat je allemaal meemaakt. Zo te zien heb je echt een toptijd daar. Geniet ervan!

  2. Amanda:
    5 juni 2012
    Yay have fun ijsbrand :D
  3. marijke (spijkenisse):
    5 juni 2012
    Hoi bijna jarige,
    alast van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, je zult waarschijnlijk alleen maar nieuwe vrienden op je feestje zien, maar niet minder leuk.Je hebt jezelf wel een leuk cadeau gegeven: deze reis!!!
    Een mooie tijd gewenst met gezellige mensen(wat zo te lezen wel lukt)Groetjes Henk en Marijke
  4. Opa en oma:
    6 juni 2012
    IJsbrand, van harte gelukgewenst met je verjaardag en natuurlijk nog vele jaren er bij. Of: Happy birthday to you and may this day be followed by many happy years.
    Zo, genoeg in twee talen. Je bent nu bijna halverwege de backpack en je zit al vol indrukken.
    Dat wordt danig schiften.
    Succes er mee en veel plezier verder.
  5. Wendy:
    6 juni 2012
    Lang zal hij leven in de gloria! Hieper de piep Hoera! Gefeliciteerd en dat je maar een leuke dag mag hebben daar! Lekker genieten nog en leuk om je verhalen te lezen!