Novi Sad: sluts, weirdo's and fun.

18 juni 2012

An empty hostel was the first thing I came to in Novi Sad, soaking wet after a half an hour walk from the trainstation in the 30 degree heat.
There was supposed to be one other guy in the hostel, so I figured at least I might have some company for the evening. I just walk around the city centre, very beautiful, had some nice dinner from a take away place next to the hostel, and afterwards the other guy came in. It turned out to be two other guys actually, but one had checked out already and then decided to stay, so he sort of staid without paying or letting anyone from the hostel know (since there is no receptionist at our place, very weird).
They were two Serbian, probably early/mid thirties, ski-/snowboard instructors trying to get an instructor license at the University here. They just finished exams and I asked them if we were going out. They were exhausted after a week of partying and doing exams all day long, but they still showed me some very interesting places: bars, beach bars, clubs, the lot.
First, around 22:30 everything was still pretty quiet, but we had a shot of Italian liquor in a bar and then a beer in a beachbar near the river.
When we walked back to the city centre, the places started to fill up: enough people but not to crowded, since it was a sunday night. The first place we went to was overall really cool and nice people as well, but there were two very remarkeble things...
When we entered, there was noway of missing two very skinny, well-formed but ugly, girls dancing on top of a table, dressed extreemly slutty which matched the way they were 'dancing' (or shaking their asses). I had the feeling everybody in the place was sort of embarrassed by it, but just gave them some attention to make them not feel like complete idiots.
Then, if I didn't want to look at the weird scene going on over there, I could turn around and look at some pretty nice looking girls but again some weird dancing idiot spoiled my view. Don't get me wrong, I laughed my ass off looking at both scenes! The second one was an older guy, at least fourty years old, going just as crazy as the two girls on top of the table. He was busting out moves which I would feel embarrassed doing and did it with little confidence, which made it look even more pathatic. We should have probably stayed in this place since we didn't really find any prober bars/clubs afterwards, and by the time we went back (around 2/3 O'clock) it had turned quite lame.
Still, one thing all the places we went to shared, was the fact that all girls here are really badly trying to impress the guys. This isn't so weird ofcourse since there is a population ratio here in Serbia of 5 to 1, women to men. 
Too bad though for one of my hostel friends, who was divorced and obviously looking for a girl to take home, they do still have self respect. So there I was, clubbing with two weird Serbian men in a pretty weird city just enjoying the things there were to see. Today probably some more (but not too much) walking around, maybe taking some pictures, get some typical Serbian food next door again and then an early night sleep. Since I'm all alone in a three room appartement basicly, there's not much to do or to keep me up. Tomorrow we go to Sarajevo, so probably a lot more travelers and people to meet and party with than here. On to the sixth country of the trip!

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  1. Amanda:
    18 juni 2012
    hehe jij en je vage avonturen - geniet er maar van en veel plezier in Sarajevo :)